Power of Piritha – The power of Pirith comes from its sounds and the meaning

Pirith was chanted by Lord Buddha to bless the human beings from evil power around the home environment. The power of Pirith comes from its sounds and the meaning. The word piritha came out from the Pali word pariththa. There are number of pirith in Buddhism. All of them includes the great qualities of Lord Buddha and the value of his teachings. However, some of them includes positive messages to the society. Mostly, the importance of treating well to your parents, value of generosity and positive results of good deeds are among them.

Single pirith is divided into many stanzas. Each stanza includes at least two lines. All the pirith have written in Pali, which is an ancient language spoken during Buddha’s time in India. It is a powerfully sound language that difficult to acquire. The power of Piritha stimulates by various annotations use while chanting.

Buddhists commonly play recorded pirith every day at dawn and dusk. Because, they believe that pariththa protect them from harmful unseen forces. Pirith generally chant into a long cotton string ball by sanga. And then, divide it into pieces to tangle around the Buddhists right hand as a blessing. This is known as ‘Pirith Noola’. This event is mostly done after the Maha Piritha which is chants around whole night. However, ‘Pirith Nool’ are used as a blessing before an examination and first day of the job.

The book which has all pirith is named as ‘piruwana poth wahanse’. It includes all pirith and it’s power. It says that some of them are used to chase away the insects and mice that harm harvest. Kanda Piritha is also used to chase away domestic snakes. Piritha was always used to chase away gigantic wild elephants who intrude into paddy fields to eat crops.

Pirith are different from Mantra. Buddha didn’t preach Mantra. The creator of Mantra was humans who deal with evil forces.

Listening to pirith brings prosperity and health for all human beings. Listen to Pirith everyday.

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